CLWC Make-up Course Schedule


Christian Life and Witness Courses is a practical

approach to living the life God wants us to lead. All

you need is an hour and a half every week.  Subjects


1)How to live an effective Christian life;

2)How to have a victorious Christina life;

3)The Christian's witness;

4)How to care for new Christians;

5)How to lead a small group Bible study.

We pray that you and your loved ones are in good

health and fine spirits at this time of year. We just

wanted to update you on the initial results of the

Christian Life & Witness Courses (CLWC) that were

conducted over the summer. There are also some

exciting plans we have for the up-coming months

as we plan for the Festival and post-Festival

operations throughout the churches in the Kansai

area. Each week, on the average about 200

internationals participated in the English CLWC

classes that were held over four weeks at four

different venues. We express our heartfelt

appreciation to Osaka Christian Center, Kobe Union

Church, Kyoto Christian Fellowship Center and

Kyoto International University for allowing us to use

their facilities!

With the understanding that a good number of internationals were interested in taking the CLWC but were unable to do so due to previous summer engagements, the committee in charge of the CLWC has managed to coordinate “make-up classes” in the month of September. You do not have to be a Christian in order to participate in the CLWC. You may take the course to get a better understanding of the Christian Faith.

Please refer to the schedule of make-up CLWC classes (above) that will take place in September at teachings centers throughout the Kansai area. Classes are free. At the same time, there will be an opportunity to make a donation to help us cover the budget for the entire festival event.

As you may know, at each day of the festival there will be an invitation to all participants who want to accept the Lord Jesus into their heart; receive assurance of their salvation; rededicate their life to Christ; or just get more information. We need volunteers who are willing to invest some time talking with each individual who steps forward at the festival. The same volunteer will call their assigned newly saved person within 48 hours to check up on them (while a local church will be contacting the individual within a week of the festival). These volunteers who will be encouraging these new Christians are called ‘counselors’. In order to register as a counselor, one needs to attend at least three of the four CLWC classes. Even if you can attend only one event over the three days, it would be of great assistance as we reach out to the lost. Please pray over this. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

Your prayers and any assistance are greatly needed and much appreciated.

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What is the Christian Life & Witness Course?